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Tappoff is a website about everything soccer and basketball with a twist, what is our twist? See Below:

Stories & Charity

Soon we will be selling T-Shirts from which a percentage will go to charities that dedicate to helping kids in sports, we will also be donating to organizations that work in health.

If you buy a T-shirt, we would be very grateful to hear your story; on our sports blog over social media platform, we will post pictures of our customers, and add their story. These stories are about how any sport or exercise affect your personal growth, or when you were a kid going through a stage in life, or accomplishing your goals. Below is an example of what we do regarding our stories:

best sporting blog


If you are interested in giving us your story, please send us your favorite picture and content, and we will make you part of the Tappoff Story Movement at: info@tappoff.com


Tappoff Blogs & Articles

On our website, you will find best articles, blogs and sports news on professional soccer and basketball. You can learn from sporting communities available on the site. The articles and blogs about the experts who see soccer and basketball as a passion, a way of life, a story, a motivation, and a way to accomplish their dreams will guide you.


Tappoff Product Reviews

Tappoff provides sports product reviews. We will review the latest in accessories to help you play the game better, we will review what athletes use, their contracts as brand ambassadors, we will also look at the brand themselves, and their role in Basketball and Soccer.


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