Canada 150 years of Sports & Beyond

Hockey, Lacrosse, Curling, Basketball, and the breeding of great players, Canadian inventions? Heyyyyyy Ya! What a nation, truly what a nation! Yet we are too nice to celebrate our accomplishments in the areas of sports this July 1st, instead we are commemorating an extra large bath duck! Is that the best way to not offend anyone? Why didn’t we build a wax museum in the Habour front of Toronto with all our accomplishments in sports, our players our inventions with an extension to include our present our future, our goals, those who are taking Canada to the next level in sports in all industries? You know who will advocate and continue to, who will be a key player in Canada’s sport future its industries, helping create more and more talent, you know who? Tappoff, with your help, Tappoff will! Who? Tappoff dammit, #itstappoffdammit, and we care about Canada we truly do! We want to work with communities, businesses, individuals to take our sport scene to the next level! How? well like everything that is Tappoff, join our movement and we will work together to make Canada and continue to make Canada a leader in sport development at all levels and industry. Tappoff Baby! Tapppppofff!

Happy Birthday Canada! You deserve every bit of it, you have been the best to anyone who sets and has set foot in your beautiful land and country!
Yours truly,

The Joe, The Dan & The Jerome!

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