These are the world’s most fabulous sports brands

New York Yankees ($660m) is a sports brand. Cristiano Ronaldo ($88m) is a sports brand. Super Bowl ($630m) and Nike ($27b) are sports brands too! In 2017, these four are considered the most fabulous sports brands in the world. All four are from different spheres of sports branding, and therefore deploy different methodologies to calculate their respective brand values. These sports brand valuation methods are described below.

  • For sports business branding, the value is the difference between Nike’s projected enterprise value and the same value of a similar business.
  • New York Yankees’ team brand value is an umbrella term for the collective value gained from revenue streams such as television rights, sponsorships, and tickets, and what a similar baseball team is generating.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand value is the amount by which advertisement gains go beyond the median endorsement returns earned by the top 10 earning athletes in the past year.
  • The Super Bowl’s brand value is a match against median revenue-per-event-day from licensing, broadcasting, tickets, and sponsorships.


Let’s dissect their fabulousness;

New York Yankees ($660m)

  • Owner                        :           Steinbrenner Family
  • Championships         :           27
  • Price Paid                   :           $10 M
  • Year Purchased         :           1973
  • Debt/Value                      :           0%
  • Operating Income     :           $39 M
  • Player Expenses           :           $241 M
  • Revenue                     :           $526 M
  • Revenue per Fan         :           $53
  • Gate Receipts :           $248 M

Cristiano Ronaldo ($88m)

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most valuable athlete. The iconic footballer’s contract with Real Madrid is worth US$56 million, while endorsements alone are fetching a staggering US$32 million. Ronaldo’s financial viability places him ahead of the likes of LeBron James and Lionel Messi.

Super Bowl ($630m)

How on earth did the Super Bowl become so big? In brief, the athletes are terrific, the speed of the game is exhilarating, there is controlled violence, and the television is making the game universal. Alternatively, many psychologists blame the crazy NFL love due to its healthy doses of plausibly controlled violence. As per them, the fans subconsciously get a lot of kick out of televised bumping, shoving, and pushing.

Statistically, a little more than 163 million Americans tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLV and brands paid an eye-popping $4.5 million for a half minute spot.

Nike ($27b)

Nike is financially the most fabulous brand. Period.

The publicly traded company that took its name Nike from the Greek goddess of victory is good for more than $27 billion. It sells its products to retailers through its own consumer operations and a combination of licensees, independent distributors, and sales agents worldwide. Nike’s revenues in fiscal year 2016 were earned from North America (46% of sales), Western Europe (18% of sales), Greater China (12% of sales), Emerging Markets (11% of sales), Central & Eastern Europe (4% of sales), and Japan (3% of sales).

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