Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball has been covered to be used as a soccer ball for the NCAA Sports Championship. As in the early days, the new Wilson soccer balls look same as the traditional one. The football has maintained its patent black and white pattern which is considered to be an evergreen design since its inception.

The company aims at developing soccer balls that are suitable for people of all ages. The Size 5 Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is an ideal choice for kids who can relish a great time playing football with it. Made up of synthetic leather cover; the soccer ball has a water resistant quality. Initially, Wilson made use of leather for football. However, by replacing it with synthetic leather, it is working on a far-sighted approach. It is believed that Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is highly durable, as the upcoming generation can use it in its original form.


  • With its recent Traditional Soccer Ball Size 5, Wilson continues the legacy of the conventional black and white spotting.
  • It is an ideal choice for a soccer ball for kids. But, it is also available in two other sizes which makes it suitable for teenagers, youth, and adults as well. Players can get the desired soccer ball size.
  • To ensure quality and durability, Wilson has made use of synthetic leather instead of ordinary leather. This also makes the Traditional Soccer Ball resistant to adverse situations including water.
  • Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball is very light in weight to ensure that players have a smooth game.

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