We will be donating to charities and working with sport programs, to help kids play sports and become future athletes. We will be selling our Tappoff T-shirts in many sporting places, and online in our e-commerce website. We will also be more involved with sports communities, going around the city of Toronto, and hopefully around the world,  testing sport products through challenges, hearing your opinion all through our video series meant to engage you and others around the world.

Our blog will also study communities around the world and their accessibility to playing the sports they love, we will be asking questions like, are there enough fields or courts to play your favorite sport where you live?

Tappoff is inspired by peoples creativity to always find a way to play the sport they love, with or without the proper equipment or field, this to us is your story, just like you use sports to improve you mental or physical well being, connect with those you love in your family or friend circle.

For Tappoff community is everything, we hear your stories on how sports and exercise can and help you, we are your platform to express what your community needs regarding being a part of the world of sports.

As part of our sporting communities, we will be selling Tappoff T-Shirts to raise money to donate to charities in sports development and health. Tappoff wants to be the voice of sport development for the world’s sporting community. We will be working with gyms and coffee shops to connect with individuals that want to give us their story, on how sports played or plays a role in their life.

If you are interested in giving us your story, please send us your favorite picture and story content, and we will make you part of the Tappoff Story Movement at:

Below is an example of what we do regarding our stories:

Sporting blog

Yours’s Truly,

The Tappoff Team