Who We Are

Joe & Dani Zeiter brothers and co-founders of Tappoff. Tappoff is a dream for us because we can express the three things that matter the most to us, stories, sports playing a role in development, soccer and basketball.

Dani has a passion for soccer and basketball, he sees both sports as a way of life, he says they teach us discipline, determination, they teach us team work, the plays are art, for Dani its about the moments in a game, not the game itself. The goals, celebrating with friends or congratulating the winning supporters, for Dani these are all stories, Dani believes sports are a way to help you overcome challenges and achieve where you want to be. On the technical side, Dani is one that knows both games well, the strategies, the players, what they should do next to win; you would enjoy the best sporting blogs of Dani.

Joe on the other hand sees soccer and basketball differently he sees them to end poverty, getting kids of the streets, for Joe both sports expose the best in kids. For Joe, he loves to hear about how sports professionals like Jordan, Messi, Kobe, Pele, Maradona and Cater to name a few made it to where they are, because for Joe it gives a reason for the next generation to aim high!

Joe is also a businessperson he sees Tappoff as an opportunity to connect with people with sports products and have brands understand the consumers better. Joe seeks to look more into the products and business behind sports, and how people can have a bigger voice in the products that brands cater, how they relate to them, how businesses play a role in sports, and how we can integrate more social innovation in both Soccer and Basketball to make it easier for kids around the world to play the game with any equipment they want so they can achieve the athletic goals and dreams.



Yours’s Truly,

The Tappoff Team